Creating the perfect job advert

January 13 2023

Job advertisements come in a variety of formats and sizes, but all of them should adhere to a few basic guidelines to guarantee they draw in the most qualified applicants. If you are about to create a job advert with the intention of finding the most suitable talent you have come to the right place. Today we are going to be providing a few tips that must be adhered to.

Understand the role you’re advertising

It’s critical that you understand the position completely before even beginning to compose your job advertisement. If you don’t know exactly what the person will be doing for your company, you’ll probably find yourself paraphrasing sentences from the job description, creating a murky and unclear advertisement. Make sure you understand the position sufficiently to be able to summarise it in the job advertisement by sitting down with the recruiting manager.

Include salary

One of the simplest strategies to increase the response to your position is to include a wage in your job description. A competitive pay attracts candidates and weeds out those who have excessively high salary expectations. Additionally, it offers applicants a sense of the level of the position, so you’ll probably get more applicants who are better qualified. If you frequently decide to leave wage information out of your job postings, think twice. The benefits of listing a wage in your advertisement typically exceed the drawbacks.

Leave out the jargon

Quickly scan your advertisement to look for any unclear terms that might not make sense to people outside of your industry before giving it a thorough edit. Try to avoid using too much “business language” and write like a human instead. There are so many advertisements out there that use jargon and acronyms that aren’t generally understood.

Talk about company culture

Don’t just discuss the activities of your company; candidates can learn more about this on your website. Instead, emphasise the company culture, the workplace, and your character as an employer. Candidates will be most interested in learning about this information because it is less widely available. It will also enable prospective employees to determine whether or not they would be a suitable cultural fit for your company.

Add a clear call-to-action

Your advertisement caught the attention of a job seeker who had read it. What comes next? Instead of suddenly closing your advertisement, a clear call-to-action provides information on how job seekers might apply. To apply for this position, please click on the orange button below, or send your CV to, could suffice. It only takes a few seconds to add in and gives applicants a much clearer understanding of the procedure.

These are only some of the best practices when it comes to creating quality job advertisements too. If you want to ensure that you get it right, the first time, simply get in touch with our team at Premier Resourcing. Here at Premier Resourcing, we are experienced recruiters and know exactly how to best structure job advertisements to attract the best and most suitable candidates.