PR & Communications Executive

Finding the right role is always challenging, whether tackling on your own or using the assistance of a recruiter. Regardless of the method, the process tends to be stressful. That is why I cannot recommend Louise more.

Not only did she eliminate the need for me to be continuously searching for the ‘perfect’ next role, but she also refused to pigeonhole me into a role simply because it is one, she had available, a pitfall many recruiters fall in to.

She is providing consistent counsel and advice throughout the interview process, as well as rigorous feedback. But the most important element was the compassion and investment Louise displayed in the outcome of my applications, regardless of if I was successful in my pursuit or not, she cared, a very special and rare trait.

For all these reasons, I have no doubt my first port of call whenever looking for a future role would be through Louise. She is simply exceptional.

JackPR & Communications Executive